Robert Brown performs the characters:

Charles Foster Quinn

Robert Winters

Doctor Calgori

Robert has been a singer songwriter for more than 30 years. He's written and released over 30 albums with his band Abney Park. He's also written three acclaimed novels, The Wrath Of Fate, Retrograde, and Toyshop At The End Of The World.

Robert wrote Giants of Iron and Steam in 2021, while locked down in pandemic quarantine. He created the story, and the music, in addition to casting, directing, and co-starring in it.

Casey Raiha performs the characters:

Amos Quinn

Randolf Cromwell

Casey Raiha is a Seattle-based Voice Actor and Singer. Classically trained for the contemporary project, he brings 25 years of acting and singing experience into every role he plays, every brand he represents, and every story he tells.

He stars in Giants of Iron and Steeam, as the day dreamer, Amos Quinn. He also plays the grumpy old lawyer, Randolf Cromwell.

Casey is represented by BIg Fish Talent Agency.

Morgan Roberts performs the character:

Effie Winters

Morgan brings an effortless innocence and charm to the role of Effie Winters.

Morgan is represented by BIg Fish Talent Agency.

Skye Warden performs the character:

Hania Kotek

Skye Warden, the long time guitar player of the band Abney Park, builds off his Native American ancesetry to bring the character of Hania to life.

Jeremy Steckler performs the character:

Hammett Bryant

Jeremy brings a lovable sincerity to the character of Hammet Bryant, the young lawyer who represents Mary Parks.


Lise Yellen performs the character:

Mary Parks

Lise Yellen is a veteran of Broadway, having starred in shows like The Phantom Of The Opera.

Her classically trained voice (Juilliard), adds a legitmacy to the character of Mary Parks.

Lise in Phantom Of The Opera