“Giants of Iron and Steam”, Abney Park's epic new musical, is set simultaneously in the far future, and in the 1800’s.

The Future...

... scenes take place atop an Iron lattice tower, in the laboratory of the Famed Doctor Calvin Calogori, who’s experiments with time travel, and communicating through time brought about the stories behind Abney Park’s book series The Airship Pirate Chronicles, as well as many Abney Park songs, like “Letters Between a Boy and Himself as an Adult”, and “The Secret Life of Doctor Calgori”.

The Past...

... scenes take place in the forests of Northern California, in the 1800’s, and revolve around a clash between infamous lumber Baron Charles Foster Quinn, and the people of the forest, including the independent loggers, as well as the Native Americans of Northern California.


Quinn's efforts to take independence from the free residents of the Noyo Canyon, and force them into his bitter employment, leads to a dark and violent war.

Against this backdrop young Effie Winters, and Charles Foster Quinn’s son Amos Quinn meet, and get swept into a life threatening adventure, that can only end in death.

This story is an exciting romp, that journeys from the romantic, mysterious, dark and dreadful, to laugh out loud funny.

Suitable for all ages.

Robert Winters and his daughter Effie lived alone in a cabin, deep in the Redwood Forest.

Her only friend, and her only teacher, was her father...until Amos came along.

The loggers of the Victorian Northwest were as tough, and independant as the cowboys of the old west. They worked deep in the forest cutting trees, and riding them down the river to the dock where they would be milled, and loaded onto ships to sell abroad.