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Aether Shanties (2009)

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LOVE IT!!! Abney Park has really found their own voice, and continues to push the frontiers of Steampunk as a musical genre, thankfully moving away from the more goth-y sounds while still being true to those roots. They've managed to both tell a story with this CD and create great songs that can easily stand on their own at the same time. Personal favorites are "Until the Day You Die" and "Wanderlust".
I had a bit of difficulty porting the music onto my computer so I could listen to it on my MP3 player. About three or four times it got stuck on "Wanderlust", but I was able to get around this and it eventually worked. I know there've been problems with digital downloads before, so I'm more inclined to believe this was a problem with the file and not my computer, especially since I haven't had this issue with other CDs. Just glad that it did eventually work out and I got my Abney Park fix!!! :)
Date Added: 12/10/2009 by Renee Lebbing