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The Wrath Of Fate - Book 1

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I write this review to maybe help people to have a fun time reading this great book. So, to try and help clear up a few issues people might have.

1. grammar/spelling
Ok, to all grammar police I would like to just give you a possible thought to get you over being so anal reading this book. When you read this, remember it's fiction, use a positive mindset and just think of it as "hey im reading the memoirs of a rum drinking, time traveling, airship piloting captain" . I don't think grammar and spelling would be the captain's top priority. Heck any errors might have been done on purpose to artistically convey this exact idea (genius if it was btw).

2. Paradox issues with time and space.
"alot of these adventures would create a paradox" to this I say first this is fiction, let it go. Second even if you subscribe to a only linear understanding of time and this is still to ficticious for you..... Try to think about linear tangents where the universe or god or whoever creates an alternate parallel linear tangent existing alongside unaltered time to abide existence of a universe to avoid a paradox. All the while the characters have actually broken through / inadvertently created an alternate reality alongside regular reality. If this made no sense to you just think of tossing a big triangular rock in a river. The river splits and creates two separate rivers.

3. For people saying characters were under-developed I contest this.
I feel it was actually the opposite and that the characters were very inciteful to the real people in Robert's life. Some characters being fragments of himself and possibly relating to the reader as well. I feel not enough authors do this and are very secluded and standoffish of their readers. I congradulate and thank Robert Brown for giving us a tiny glimpse of his life and loved ones, that takes alot of courage.

Anywho hope the captain keeps up the great work. Im on pins and needles waiting for the second novel.

Date Added: 04/10/2013 by charles record