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Script: Giants Of Iron and Steam


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Abney Park's Highly anticipated Audiobook Musical, The Giants Of Iron and Steam is like a radio-play, and an album, combined. 18 songs, and complex and riveting story, and and huge cast of talented actors bring this time traveling journey to life!

"Far in the future, in the highest chamber of a wrought-iron-lattice tower, a victorian laboratory hangs. This laboratory is filled with contraptions, and experiments: glass vials with bubbling colored liquids, Sparking Tesla coils, and a menagerie of unidentifiable contraptions.
In the laboratory works an old man, grandfatherly, white hair, beard, wearing a leather work apron. He’s working on a machine on the center table, one of his contraptions.
The door to the laboratory bursts open, and in walk two men in suits, one of them pushing an old woman in a wheelchair."

This package includes:

• Autographed copy of the script, with full color cover, and 50 pages.
• instant download of the script, so you can FOLLOW ALONG AS YOU LISTEN!

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