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Abney Park: Live At The End Of Days (Download Only)


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"Abney Park: Live At The End of Days". Click the image above to hear a 20 minutes sampler of music from this new album!

This is a Double CD, 27 songs recorded live at Columbia City Theater!

Disk One:
1. Intro to The End of Days
2. Building Steam
3. End of Days
4. Neobedouin
5. Sleep Isabella
6. The Story That Never Starts
7. Throw Them Overboard
8. Until the Day You Die
9. Crowd banter: But That is Not This Day
10. The Circus at the End of the World
11. Blowing Off Steam
12. The Anthropophagists' Club
13. Victorian Vigilante

Disk Two:
1. Bad Things Coming
2. Wanderlust
3. Steampunk Revolution
4. Scupper Shanty
5. Dominion of Dust
6. Off the Grid
7. Space Cowboy
8. To the Apocalypse in Daddy's Sidecar
9. Ancient World
10. Aether Shanty
11. Airship Pirate
12. The Wrong Side
13. Crowd Banter: Encore!
14. Rise Up

Vocals, bouzouki, darbuka, accordion, harmonica, and songs by Robert Brown
Keyboards by Kristina Erickson
Backing vocals by Jody Ellen
Violin by Titus Munteanu
Bass by Daniel Cederman
Guitar by Josh Goering
Trumpet by Carey Rayburn
Trombone by Jacob Sele
MC Noah Mickens of Wanderlust Circus

Our live songs are not the same as they are on the studio albums. There is more energy, more excitement, more intensity. In many cases, we've been performing the songs for years, and every year we add something: a new Violin line, and new guitar solo, and full horn sections, more Kristina, etc. Dueling solos between guitar, trumpet, violin, and trombone! new instruments never recorded, like silent Bouzouki, Darbuka, banjolele and turkish accordion. The intensity and power and charm of these songs are magnified by our live performances!

The venue were this was recorded is actually a famous recording studio where all kinds of legends of Seattle have recorded albums. Spin magazine called it the best sounding room in Seattle! They have a stage, sure, but they also have a full recording studio behind the audience. We recorded this to 24 tracks of pristine audio that can be mixed, mastered and processed and polished to perfection, without loosing the energy of a live concert.

This is without a doubt the album I enjoy the most of all our albums. Listening to it transports you to another place and time, to a party at the end of days. And the songs are the best of 15 years of Abney Park song writing, the best songs from all the albums we've released. This is something not to be missed.

Okay, having explained what this is all about, who thinks they will buy a copy? I want to know how many to order, so raise your hand if this sounds awesome to you.

(Photography by Photography Naturally)

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