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The Anachronomicon Collection - download only


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5 ALBUMS's! Nearly four hours of Music, including all our Steampunk, Electroswing, Pirate, and Apocalyptic music!

Plus, a whole album of Introspections, where Captain Robert talks about the moment of inspiration for the songs. Check out a few of these here:

•  The Secret Life Of Doctor Calgori
•  Throw Them Overboard
•  Victoria

Here are the songs you get:

•  The Change Cage (Classic)
•  The Change Cage (2016)
•  Steampunk Revolution
•  Tricked the Machine
•  Building Steam
•  Blowing Off Steam (2016 remix)
•  Airship Pirate
•  Circus At The End Of The World
•  Special
•  Clockwork Heart
•  Give’em What For
•  Ragtime Punk
•  Follow Me If You Want To Live
•  Terrible Affliction
•  Victoria
•  The Clock Yard
•  Secret Life Of Doctor Calgori
•  Herr Drosselmeyers Doll
•  All The Myths Are True
•  Minnie The Moocher
•  Two Elixirs
•  Until The Day You Die
•  Anthropopagist’s club
•  Things Could Be Worse
•  Fix the boat or swim
•  Throw Them Overboard
•  Victorian Vigilante

You will also get this Pirate Collection:
•  Airship Pirate
•  Ballad Of Captain Robert
•  Ballad Of Captain Robert Acoustic
•  Buy The Captain Rum
•  Aether Shanties
•  Scupper Shanties
•  Terrible Affliction
•  The Derelict
•  Wrath Of Fate
•  Under The Radar

You will also get this Apocalyptic Collection:
•  Wasteland Warrior
•  End Of Days
•  Neobedoin
•  Tribal Nomad
•  Beautiful Decline
•  Increased Chances / The Apocalypse
•  To The Apocalypse In Daddy’s Sidecar
•  Post Apocalypse Punk
•  Balled of Rosie and max
•  Clone Factories
•  Out Of Darkness
•  Dominion Of Dust plus 12 introspections!

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