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Flying back from Abney Park’s 2016 Europe Tour, I was sick. Fever had me soaked in sweat, a still undiagnosed pain in my legs made it hard to walk, and a mysterious infection in my eyes left me almost completely blind. In fact, I could barely open my eyes at all. All I could do on the ten hour flight was take pain killers, try to sleep, and listen to music.

In this state I put together a playlist of Abney Park music that was unlike any other. It was a collection of the truest, most emotional songs. The songs right from the heart, not hidden behind metaphor, or fictional stories - songs that completely exposed the soul.

And while I listened to this collection, I drifted in and out of sleep, and in an out of another life. I dreamed myself onstage with a very un-Abney-Park band called “Nonfiction”. Over the years I’ve taken great pain from off handed comments about my music, things like “It’s just a bunch of silly stories, right?” The truth is, its not - its all deeply, painfully ripped from my life. So the appeal of being seen for the music, and not just for the outfits or the outrageous shows, is a strong one.

Upon returning home the music of this band “Nonfiction” still haunted me. It’s the Abney Park songs between the songs. Songs that would not fit into a collection of Steampunk, or a collection of Electroswing, or Gothic, or Post Apocalypse music. It’s the music of another band, from some parallel universe in which I had never been involved in any subculture, and simply wrote music from the heart.

“Nonfiction” features 13 songs, some you’ve heard, some you haven’t, and some that have never been released before today.


• Ripples Of Epiphany
• Can’t Talk About It
• In Time
• Escape The Ground
• I’m Glad I Lost You
• Ancient World
• Night Train From Saint Petersburg
• Proteger Tus Sueños
• Not Silent
• Away From The Things Of Man
• Tricked The Machine
• Whole Life Crisis
• Victoria
• Neither One Lets Go

Featuring Performances by:

• Robert Brown
• Kristina Erickson
• Jody Ellen
• Derek Brown
• Sky Warden
• Josh Goering
• Dan Cederman
• Titus Munteanu
• Michel Drury
• Carey Rayburn
• Jake Sele
• Erica Mulkey

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